This is a custom made tumbler for any Wizarding fan! These are made to order and feel free to choose from any fabrics listed. You can choose between glitter, paint, or stainless steel rims to fit your personal preferences. Each tumbler comes with a lid and a straw. These vibrant fabrics really brighten up any room!

Wizardy Fabric Cups

Fabric Choice
Rim Style
  • All sales are final due to the nature of our product.

    Progress photos will be sent as we go. If you have a problem with color, spellings, or fonts please let us know as soon as we send the progress update. Once we move on to the next step we cannot go back and do changes without starting over which adds a $5 fee. Please carefully review spellings, placements and any details of your cup before approving us to move on. 

    Please be prompt with responses so that we can get the cup back to you in a timely manner. We will not move to the next phase without your consent. 


    These are hand made products. As much as we try to avoid it small flaws do happen. We cannot guarentee there won't be stray glitter, we do everything in our power, but glitter goes where it wants. We will not refund due to stray glitter or small imperfections.

    A care card is included in each purchase and can be found on the website as well. We will not refund because of misuse such as placing in the dishwasher, leaving in a hot car or in a cooler, or cracks due to droping or misuse. 

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